Instagram Views: Go Controversial

News 12:05 May 2023:

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One of the ways that you can get Instagram views on your account and your posts is to go a bit controversial. This may seem contradictory to what you thought and what you want for your page but, for the right account and the right individuals or businesses, going a little controversial can go a long way in making sure that a post or page grows in followers and in interactions. After all, controversy gets attention and gets people talking and that is exactly the point of social media.

If you are attempting to get Instagram video views on your posts, remember that going controversial must be done in the right way. You should not be salacious or creatively aggressive in the wrong way. You want to make sure that you are creating topics that still stand in line with your business. Controversy just to be controversial is something that savvy fans know and understand. They can sniff out the posts that are simply there to get a reaction and this can turn a follower off from staying involved with a page for more than just a minute. Be controversial when it is fitting and calculate the results before you ever post. This will help to grow your followership rather than turn it off completely.