Twitter has upgraded the favorite button and replaced it with a heart icon now known as the twitter like. It is a way of showing some appreciation or a like for something that has been tweeted. As a marketing tool, there is a need to increase visibility and popularity by making use of automatic twitter likes.

Automatic twitter likes can enhance the success of your business, organization or even a personal account. Here are the reasons to make use of automatic twitter likes:

Prompt for followers

To ensure one has a large audience on twitter, twitter like button is the way to go.  The increase of your twitter likes will definitely attract and encourage other people to follow you.

Acknowledge readership

A twitter like suggests what has been tweeted is read and, therefore, automatic twitter likes is likely to attract mentions in your account as they can be seen in the newsfeed and discover tab.

Amplifying a tweet

Other people can see your tweets that are liked and there is a likelihood of going for such tweets since they are deemed as approved tweets.

Automatic twitter likes are the most effective way of attracting traffic on your timeline and ensuring prosperity in this site.